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Hi guys! As you all know, I am very fortunate in the fact that I get to work with a lot of brands on social media. I am so grateful that I’m able to get discount codes to pass along to you guys. Please know that every single brand that I endorse and talk about in this blog are brands that I absolutely love and products I use and swear by! I would never recommend something I didn’t love and I hope you guys know that.

So I decided to create a blog post where I share a lot of the codes, I’ve gone from brands in the past that are still active. I will try to update this post as much as I can to make sure I take out the codes that are no longer current and updated with new ones but please forgive me if you try code and it is expired. In fact, I’d be super helpful helpful if you guys commented below if you ever try a code from this document and it doesn’t work that way I can easily update it and take it out. We’re a team!

Every company that I have a code for, even some that are included in this blog post, are linked on this Google sheet. Also, I added the link to this blog at the top of the main page on my website that says “Codes” so you guys can come back to find any discount codes I have at any time. I wanna make it as easy for you guys as possible, and if you’re interested in any of the products that I ever talk about, I want you to be able to use the code to get a discount and have it easily accessible!

Okay, I’m gonna start with Dime because I honestly don’t think it is humanly possible for me to be more obsessed with the brand.

Deals from Brands I Love!

Brand: Dime
Code: Super20 for 20% off

I am completely obsessed with their eyelash serum and their power patches. If you get two things from this company make it be these two. The power patches are amazing for clearing up acne and the eyelash serum works wonderfully and super affordable! Plus, it’s safe to use during pregnancy! I’m all about using safe and effective products. I also really love their TBT serum and put it on my hands to help with aging. I haven’t used their face products a ton, but the little I have used of their face wash and face lotions are amazing. My face has never felt so clean than it does with their face wash and they are unscented. So these are really perfect for anybody who doesn’t like scented products.

Brand: Kiwico
Code: ALI for 30% off their subscriptions
Code: ALI20 for 20% off their store

I’m including screenshots here for you guys to see what people in my Facebook group say about Kiwico. It’s one thing for me to endorse it, but you guys know I work with the brand so I get that you may second guess my review. Even though my reviews are all 100% honest. Ha! So I just thought I’d share what other people say about it so that I can help you decide on whether it’s right for you and your kids. The boxes are for ages 0 to 16 and they are each specific curriculums designed by teachers to help kids learn and have fun while doing it. We truly get so excited every month when our Kiwico box comes.

If you’re not into subscription services, they now have a storefront where you can buy single products. I have a code for that as well! ALI20 will get you 20% off their storefront. I am telling you, they have the most amazing projects that are perfect for keeping your kids busy. I love the crates for my kiddos ages, but they have a some amazing crates for teenagers and even adults! I saw an electronics one where teenagers can make their own hand crank flashlight. I just think projects like these are so great and educational and I love this company.

Brand: Thrive Market
Code: None
Link: Use this link for 25% off plus a free gift

Thrive is a really amazing company. Not only do they care about our planet, but they care about you and your family’s health. You’re able to shop on their site based on your diet. So you can shop based on whether your keto friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO, certified organic, vegan, vegetarian, etc. We get so many things from there, but please comment in the comments below and share the things you love to get from Thrive! I love the vegan mayo, the healthy chips/snacks like the vegetable and fruit chips, the gluten-free cookie dough mix, olive oil, organic spices, organic flour, organic coconut sugar, oat milk, Tate’s cookies, all Annie’s products, and so much more. I’ll update this when I have more time later. But like I said please comment below and tell everyone what your favorite things are to order from Thrive!

Brand: Tonal
Code: tonalstrong

Sooooooooo excited to share that I JUST started working with Tonal!!!! Eepppppp! I have had a Tonal for almost and year now and I have been stalking them asking to work together! I went to THEM! And that’s because I could not be more passionate about Tonal for strength training.

I could tell you all about it, but honestly I don’t think I’ll do it justice. Go to their site here and watch some of their videos and you’ll be blown away. I actually heard that they’re rolling out in Nordstrom stores now across the country. Look up one near you and go try it in person and you will basically eat Ramen every day for the rest of your life to figure out away to purchase one of these. Best investment ever! I mean it.

Brand: Juneshine
Code: BETTER20

I’ve quite honestly never been a huge fan of kombucha. The taste is always been overwhelming to me. But oh my gosh, Juneshine is amazing. I believe regular kombucha is made with sugar and black tea, where as Juneshine is made with honey and green tea so it’s not only better for you, but it’s a much smoother taste. It’s not spiked with vodka or any kind of liquor. The fermenting process is what makes it 6% alcohol. I don’t know what it is, but I do not feel guilty when I enjoy one of these at the end of the day. In fact, I feel better the next morning. Zero hangover whatsoever. If you’ve gotten Juneshine please comment below because I guarantee you love it as well. The Orange Mint is my absolute favorite! Followed by the Midnight Painkiller

Code: RELAX10 for 10% off

Hop WTR is another amazing beverage that is perfect if you’re trying to limit alcohol consumption. I’m not gonna lie, I have been drinking a lot more throughout this pandemic and I know it’s not healthy. There’s just something about the sensation of having a drink at the end of the night and even the motion of drinking something that I feel like I need at the end of the day. I guess a lot of times I also want the alcohol.

I’ve really been trying to not have a glass of wine or Juneshine or a Blue Chair Bay drink (my 3 faves) at the end of every single night, and some nights have a hot water instead. They have a slight hop flavor, so if you love beer you’ll love these. But if you don’t like beer, the flavored ones like the blood orange are super super super mild on hops and just really refreshing. I love them and they totally relax me when I drink them. Relax10 will let you 10% off if you’re interested in trying them. I highly recommend them if you feel like you’ve been drinking too much.

Brand: HomeChef
Code: ALI90 for $90 off your first month – that’s 10 free meals

I mean what else can I say about Home Chef. I’ve said it all on my stories and I stand by every word. My code ALI90 will get you $90 off your first month, which is 10 free meals so it’s totally worth giving it a shot. What I love about Home Chef more than any other meal delivery service, and I’ve tried a few, is not only how yummy it is, but how easy it is! Don’t get me wrong I’ve tried a lot of meal delivery kits and they’re usually all pretty yummy. That’s the truth. The problem is some of them are so time-consuming that I found myself not making them and then the food going bad in my fridge and then I was just wasting a bunch of money.

Home Chef is so quick and easy that some of their meals seriously take me 10 minutes max. Molly even can make some of their fast and fresh meals because the container and food all comes in a bag.  You throw it in the container and then pop in the microwave. Legit, I posted videos of her doing it all by herself that’s how easy it is! It’s a parents dream and I know you’ll love it!

Brand: Obe
Code: Click here! for ONE MONTH FREE!!!!

I’ve been using obe’ for so long. I’ve had a couple people ask me what I prefer Obe or Tonal. Honestly, they’re just so different I can’t even compare them against each other. It’s comparing apples to oranges. Tonal is much more expensive and strictly strength training with weights. Whereas Obe is basically every workout you could think of under the sun and much more affordable. I love the instructors, I love the theme classes, and I love how affordable it is. Use code ALIMANNO to get your first month free. And after that it’s like than a dollar a day! It’s really worth trying and at the end of the day if it’s not for you you can always cancel. I think investing time and money in your strength and health is the most important investment you can make.

Brand: Fab Fit Fun
Code: ALIBLOG for $10 off your first box

I love Fab Fit Fun because it reminds me of Christmas. You know when you’re a kid and you open up your gifts under the tree and you don’t really know what’s going to be in there? That’s how I feel about Fab Fit Fun. Yes sometimes I go through and choose my products because I’m an annual member. But even then it kind of feels like a little lottery of goodies. I just like that there’s something that comes to the house once a season that’s just for me. I always just feel like the price is incredible for how much product you get. I’ve been getting Fab Fit Fun for at least five years now and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The way I break it down is if I’m spending 40 bucks a season on it (with my annuals membership) it’s essentially just over $10 a month to do something nice for me. And I think that’s worth it. If you just wanna try it to see what you think, sign up for one box/one season! Code ALIBLOG will get you $10 off your first box.

Brand: Wellements
Code: Ali15 for 15% off

I love everything about this brand. I love that they’re certified organic, which is even a higher standard than just regular organic. I love that they come in glass bottles. I’ve been using the chest and foot rub on my kiddos ever since they were infants. It’s so good when they’re stuffed up from allergies or have a cold and helps them breathe so much better. They have everything under the sun from vitamin D drops, to multivitamins, to cough medicine, and so much more. Just wanted to make sure you guys had my code ALI15 if you ever need to buy some. It’s cheaper to use my code and get it online than it is to buy in the store. I checked!

Brand: Care/Of (Vitamins)
Code: Ali50 for 50% off!

Speaking of things that are good for you I’ve been a loyal care customer customer for years as well. I think again about five years. The reason I love care of so much is the convenience. I do not remember to take my vitamins when I get them in glass bottles. They will sit there on the shelf and go bad and then I’ll be like oh wait I forgot my vitamins. I’ve even notice that if I have a bottle of multivitamins. Some thing about the little packets Make it so easy to grab when every morning and know that I have to take what’s inside. And then if I forget in the morning or I don’t eat breakfast in the morning so I don’t wanna take my vitamins, I got a big stomachache if I don’t eat food with my vitamins, then I throw them in my bag and take them later in the day. If you find yourself having a hard time taking vitamins I highly recommend trying out care of. Plus code ALI50 will get you 50% off your first month.

Code: CBDAF for 15% off

I almost wanted to put Equilibria first in this blog just because I am so so so so so obsessed with it. If you struggle with anxiety, you need to order this and order it fast. I’ve always struggled with anxiety a little bit. I think we all do honestly. But since we moved to Nashville, the weight of our decision to make such a big move is stressing me out beyond belief. I can’t even tell you the major difference I feel when I take my equilibria CBD and when I don’t.

Also, here’s the thing about CBD. First, not all CBD is created equal. I’ve tried other brands and they do nothing for me. One even made me feel like I was high, which was very strange. CBD should not make you feel that way. It does not have THC in it. But equilibria is not only is at the absolute highest quality, but they set you up with the dosage specialist after you make a purchase that can walk you through exactly what CBD is, what it does for your body, and how you should be taking it. Every person is different and nobody should be taking the same amount at the same time. In fact, I had to try a few different amounts at different times to come up with a program that works best for me and now I am on cloud nine! My anxiety is down, I’m sleeping better, and I just over all feel better.

I also love the variety of products. I take their daily drops in the morning and then early afternoon, I use their energizing roller whenever I’m feeling a little tired throughout the day, and then I use their nighttime roller at night as well as taking one of the capsules. That’s my routine that I worked out with a dosage specialist and I wouldn’t live without any of those things!

You can use code CBDAF for 15% off. But I highly recommend signing up for a subscription because you get a discount by doing that and you can use my code for another 15% off that. You could also do bundles that give you an even higher discount. So my recommendation, do a subscription for a bundle then put my discount code on top of that to get the absolute best deal! Sometimes learning to use CBD takes a little bit of time so the subscription right off the bat makes total sense and I really think it could change your life. It changed mine and that’s the absolute truth!

Brand: Global Healing
Code: ENERGY15 for 15% off

Speaking of meeting energy I also love love love global healing‘s B12 drops. Sometimes I’m really having a hard day with my energy I’ll take my CBD drops and the global healing B12 drops. The quality of their B12 is so much better than other brands. And don’t take my word for it. Research it. I’ll be 12 is not created equal and there’s gives you amazing organic energy! I also have their zinc drops and their vitamin C drops. I’ve been taking them pretty consistently over the last year for my immune system. There’s been a lot of research about vitamin C and zinc being good during this Covid error so I take it regularly. But Always check with your doctor of course.

And oh my gosh if you’re looking for a more natural way to cleanse out your system try their Oxsee powder. You take a few them with a big glass of water before bed and it completely clears out your intestinal track using oxygen. Some people of asked me is if it’s a laxative. It’s not. It’s so much gentle on your body that helps your body read itself of toxins and you will feel so much less bloated and even have more energy after doing this. I’ve got so many friends hooked on these

Brand: Grove Collaborative
Link: Use this link for get the free starter kit

Please please please consider signing up for this company! They’re a plastic neutral company which basically means that for every ounce of plastic they sell, they collect and recycle an ounce of plastic pollution that would otherwise end up in a landfill. And they plan to be plastic free by 2025! The more people that sign up and support companies like this, the better we all do for our planet! Their prices are amazing, and they sell healthier cleaning products for your family and home. Plus, when you sign up you get a really amazing starter kit that I think has to be worth at least $40-$50. I just think they’re really trying to encourage people to sign up because they truly care about our planet and want people to care too.

Brand: Petal and Pup
Code: Spring20

I love love love love love this brand for clothes! One of my absolute favorite pairs of corduroy pants ever is from them. I’ll share a few of my looks here that are still in stock that you can get for 20% off using the code Spring20.

Brand: Pura
Code: ALIBF for 30% off

As I’m sure many of you know, Pura is a smart fragrance device for your home. I absolutely love it! I love that it carries two sets and I can set it at different levels and intensity. When we were staying with Kevin’s parents in Indiana,  his dad is super sensitive to smells but I really love having an air freshener going! So I had it at its lowest setting (level 1) and I could still smell it and enjoyed it. It didn’t bother him at all which was so nice. Now that we’re Nashville in our own space I leave it at a level four. I think it still gives a very beautiful smell and once we move into our new home with a bigger space I’ll probably crank up the level! Use code ALIBF for 30% off the site

A Little Bonus Sale!

So this one isn’t actually a code, but I wanted to share this incredible sale here because I just found it! The cowl-neck sweater that you know I LOVE (I think I have 4 colors!), is on sale from Nordstrom for only $28! Almost 60% off! That’s better than I have ever seen it in the past. It is so comfortable and such amazing quality. See it below in a few of the colors that I have!


Thank you!

Thanks for coming to the blog! Don’t forget I’ll have this blog post linked at the top of my homepage moving forward so you guys can easily find the codes easily in the future! Keep checking back because I will continuously update it as I get new codes for you guys!

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